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Ghostwriting services

Writing your own article, book or document can be overwhelming. Don’t know where to start? Only have a collection of notes and ideas? Can’t quite get the words to flow like you want them to? That’s what I’m here for. I can offer you feedback, advice, help with ‘writer’s block’ or a block in your story, or get you started in the first place. Writing with you always involves interviews, over the phone or in person, and reading the background materials and notes that you offer. I get to know you so that I can write like you.

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  • Full writing: I can write for you on your behalf. I’ll even keep it a big old secret!
  • Partial writing: You’ve started, you need help finishing. I can help you if you’ve hit a roadblock in one section, need help bringing the whole project together, or if you aren’t happy with the direction your work is taking and need fresh eyes to work with you.
  • Structural editing: You’ve got all the pieces of a book there, you just have no idea how to put them together. It’s like a puzzle. You might have research, lectures, articles and background in the area and want to mix it all up into a book. I can help you get the recipe just right.
  • Advice and assessment: Perhaps you just need some professional advice, whether it’s about the industry, how to get started and approach your project or personalised feedback on the work you’ve done so far.

Business writing services

Scrabble TilesI cut my teeth in the corporate world. I’ve worked on major tenders (many over $1b), annual reports, web copy and publicity materials, press releases and media strategy, and a huge range of other business documents. My background has ranged from finance, legal, construction, not-for-profit, media, retail, health and wellness, to name but a few.

  • Copy writing: Short and sharp marketing and promotional writing.
  • Corporate writing: Any commissioned documents ranging from website copy, internal documentation, reports to newsletters.
  • Document planning and structuring: Getting the initial framework of a document right is essential – I skilfully ensure that your “who, what, why, where and when” are sufficiently designated.
  • Bids and tenders: I have worked on a range of bids with values of up to over $1.5b. These have been with organisations such as John Holland, Veolia Transdev, Transfield, Lend Lease and Centennial Parklands. My bid and tender work is in partnership with well-known experts Aurora Marketing.

Editing services

Track ChangesNote that editing differs significantly from proofreading. Editing focuses on the document as a whole, restructuring and rewriting as required. Proofreading focuses on the document as it is, ensuring there are no embarrassing errors or gaps in information.

  • Structural editing: This is usually a first review, stepping back and looking at the document as a whole. The structural edit looks to identify any gaps, unnecessary components or areas where rewriting is required. It is usually followed directly by a substantive edit.
  • Substantive editing: Focussing on the paragraph and the overall sense and flow of the document, the substantive edit improves wording and expression. The substantive edit also adjusts grammar, spelling and formatting, as identified. It is usually followed by an additional copy edit as this stage generally contains a large amount of editorial suggestions and changes.
  • A Universal Etymological English Dictionary (Being also an Interpreter of Hard Words) by Nathaniel Bailey, 1721Copy editing (or Sub editing): The copy edit focuses on each sentence and word for expression and clarity. This stage will check style, referencing (if applicable) and typographical errors and expression.
  • Proofreading: Checking a document for general typographical and style errors, checking against a list of corrections, and ensuring the formatting, such as page numbering, is complete and without errors. Proofreading can be done on paper proofs or on-screen and is often the final step before publishing.

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