You only have one chance to make a first impression.

Publishers have long understood the need for Writer/Editors’ services. But if your experience lies in another sector, you might be wondering whether you really need one. Here are five good reasons to hire a professional:

  1. Fresh eyes: No matter how skillful you are at writing and checking your own work, even the best writers can miss vital mistakes. Writer/Editors should be an essential component of your quality assurance processes.
  2. Expertise: Writer/Editors are professional wordsmiths. Though you may be able to construct a sentence, as an experienced professional, I will be able to piece your document together in a new way – it may be more clear, more innovative or more effective, resulting in an improved public image for your organisation.
  3. Versatile: Writer/Editors can work on your website, publications, internal documentation, annual report, press releases … any written material you require. I can take your document from inception through to final product.
  4. Efficiently effective: A Writer/Editor works with words all day, every day – we can spot errors from 100 paces! If your material goes to press or live online with errors, it can be a costly process to fix. I will help you get it right the first time.
  5. Helping you to look good: Your image is important. You want to put out the best communications possible and avoid embarrassing errors. I can help you find the right tone, choose the right words and make you look as professional and credible as you are.

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