What can you as a client expect from the writing/editing process? It’s your process. It can be tailored, but the best way to use a professional Writer/Editor is through stages:

Stage One: Quote

The Quote stage involves gauging your needs as a client as well as your cost requirements. It is during this process that we will evaluate your needs and will put together a comprehensive quote outlining and confirming the tasks and associated costs.

Stage Two: Commission

The Commission stage involves filling out a “Task Request Form” and is when the formal engaging of the services occurs.

Stage Three: Execution

The Execution stage involves the actual execution of the task(s) requested. As a client, you have the flexibility as to whether you would like to receive the work gradually as it is completed or upon completion.

Stage Four: Feedback

The Feedback stage involves the client following up any queries from the Execution stage. It is often during this stage that the work is returned for additional changes, or actioning recommendations previously made by the Writer/Editor.


Communication is an ongoing part of this process. I will keep you involved in the progress your job and will respond to your email or phone enquiries within 24-hours.

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