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I’ve penned the following short articles on wordsmithing* for you to read…

Tiny Typo, Massive Cost

This article reveals the massive cost of a tiny typo, financially and to one’s reputation. It also emphasises the huge invaluable importance of an effective and thorough Editor/Proofreader … more

Why Hire a Professional Writer/Editor?

You only have one chance to make a first impression.

Publishers have long understood the need for Writers’ and Editors’ services. But if your experience lies in another sector, you might be wondering whether you really need one … more

The Writing/Editing Process

What can you as a client expect from the writing/editing process? You have many options, and the best way to explain them is through stages … more

Isn’t Editing the Same as Proofreading?

The differences between editing and proofreading can be misunderstood. Some question whether they are actually the same, or ask for one when they mean the other. They are actually markedly different services. … more

*Yes, I am aware that this is not a word – I did make it up, but it is a fantastic word to say!


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